Work Space Rental Service

Enjoy your personal workspace in a luxurious office.

Invest smartly in your work with quality work chairs at a reasonable cost 

Why choose to rent office space at eSmart office?

You will have a favorable geographical location for your business.

Your reputation and professionalism will be enhanced when you own a business address, a workspace - Where you meet important customers and partners right in the city center, in buildings. Luxurious, modern, and professional with a series of big brands standing side by side with your business's nameplate.

You will own professionally invested facilities at an extremely low cost.

Large building, modern equipment, luxurious reception hall, fully equipped office, modern desk,... All the amenities of an office will cost billions of dong to invest but now Now you only need to pay the price for 1 seat. Make smart financial savings to invest in your potential opportunities!

You will own the 13+ year relationship we have built.

We are affiliated and have good relationships with the Tax Department, Department of Planning, Social Insurance Agency, law office and other extensive relationship networks… All ready to solve problems that arise and meet all your needs. This is an advantage that few business owners have in the startup phase, and eSmart will solve your problems right at your smart desk.

eSmart shared office utility

Utilities when using services at eSmart


Address Right in the Center

Address right in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang


Luxurious reception hall

Convenience, free tea and water when using the Pantry to receive guests


Professional Receptionist

Professional reception team, well meeting business needs


Listing of Name Plates

Post the company's electronic nameplate in the building according to the provisions of enterprise law


high speed wifi internet

Fast and convenient wireless network system


Photocopy machine, fax

Full office equipment such as fax machine and photocopier


Modern meeting room

Modern, fully equipped with projectors, whiteboards and meeting equipment


Accounting - tax services

The accounting team advises on taxes and electronic invoices throughout the operation period


Established business services

Complete consultation on business license in 5 days

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