Vision Accompanies Faith, Mission Accompanies Years

eSmart helps businesses no longer have to worry about their business journey through the most practical solutions.


Always consciously evolve to become a leading Enterprise in providing support services for Startups in Vietnam.


We are committed to constantly optimizing processes and enhancing values to provide businesses in the start-up phase with business support services with high professionalism but at the lowest cost.

Esmart Dịch Vụ Văn Phòng Chia Sẻ Hàng Đầu Tp. Hcm

eSmart was born with an understanding of the difficulties of starting a business and the failures that we ourselves - the founders, have experienced. With the mission of Accompanying Entrepreneurial Desires, we do not promise to bring you immediate success because that is something you have to earn yourself, but we commit to working side by side with you to overcome all difficulties. If you dare to embrace the beginning – we are waiting for you, to share success.

– Mr. Ngo Van Toan, Chairman.

eSmart solutions support startups

eSmart was born with services, utilities and ecosystems with no other purpose, in addition to helping businesses overcome difficulties in the start-up phase, but also become more and more successful on their business path. me.

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Business address

Ideal location right in the city center.

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Working space

Classy office with economical costs.

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Business Registration

The procedure is simple and quick, with a business license in just 3-5 working days.

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Tax accounting

Không còn phải lo lắng về các báo cáo, khai báo thuế hàng tháng, hàng quý.

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Brand design

Create a brand with you, so your business shines right from the start.

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Startup Community

Connect, share, learn, access trade opportunities and expand your business network to be more successful.

Our Team

With a team of nearly 100 employees, each employee is professionally trained and always ready to support customers. The eSmart staff prides itself on high customer service standards in the field of startup support.

Kim Phung
Customer Reception

On behalf of the business, I welcome customers and manage letters and parcels.

Nguyen Anh Dung
Anh Dung
Community support

I support members of the eConnect community. Accompany and develop with them.

To Minh
Brand Designer

I am creative to produce the best brand models, helping businesses stand out in the market.

Quynh Thu
Brand Account

I listen and advise solutions to help customers have the best designs for their businesses.

Thuy Tien
Customer support

I listen and answer all customer questions to help customers have the best service experience.

Manh Luong
Legal advice

I advise and support legal procedures: business registration, address change... to help customers use eSmart services most conveniently.

Ha Trang
Consulting Services

I help customers choose the type of office that suits their business needs. 

Hong Van
Accounting - Tax Support

I help customers no longer worry about Accounting - Taxes. Help customers feel secure to focus on their business.

Join the companion

eSmart was established as a "Companion and Support" for businesses in the challenging start-up phase, based on a deep understanding of the difficulties that the founders have experienced, because they also experienced Experiencing failures during the start-up process.

Most importantly, on the journey of "Overcoming All Limits" together, the brilliant success of businesses is the success that each eSmart member is proud of. Therefore, if you believe and want to contribute to the development of the startup community, join us to strive to become a "Trusted Companion" of businesses.