Business Registration Service

No need to waste time traveling and worrying about complicated procedures. eSmart will take care of everything for you.

Obtain your business registration license in just 3-5 working days.

If you have a great business idea and want to register your business to integrate into the vibrant and attractive market, eSmart will advise you:
  • Necessary conditions and procedures for business registration.
  • Choose the type of business that suits your investment goals.
  • Personal conditions for establishing and contributing capital to the enterprise, legal representative, rights and obligations of the enterprise owner.
  • The naming of a business is in accordance with the law.
  • The level of investment capital is suitable for each business line, type of business and tax policy related to the level of charter capital of the business.
  • Ratio and method of capital contribution, profit sharing plan and handling of arising obligations.
  • Choosing a conditional business line includes practice certificate, practice license, certificate of business eligibility, legal capital and other conditions specific to each line of work.
  • Model and organizational structure of the business.
  • Procedures for establishing, changing and registering operations for branches, representative offices and business locations of enterprises.
We will also assist you in the necessary activities to register your business, including:
  • Support submitting business registration documents at the business registration office and checking application status.
  • Representative receives business registration results.
  • Carry out procedures for engraving legal seals for businesses.
  • Instructions for you to receive your seal and seal sample registration certificate at the police station.
  • Support administrative procedures after business registration.
  • Support initial tax declaration procedures and first month's tax report.

The amenities of eSmart shared office space

The amenities of using services at eSmart


Central Location Address

Located in the city center of Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang


Luxurious reception hall

Amenities include complimentary tea and water at the Pantry for guest use


Professional Receptionist

A professional reception team that meets business needs effectively


Nameplate Listing

Posting the company's electronic nameplate in the building in accordance with business law regulations


High-speed WiFi internet

The fast and convenient wireless network system


Photocopier, fax machine

Fully equipped with office amenities such as fax machines, photocopying services


Modern meeting room

Modern, fully equipped with projectors, whiteboards, and meeting supplies


Accounting and tax services

The accounting team provides tax advice and electronic invoice services throughout the operation


Business establishment services

Complete business license consultation within 5 days

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