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Business Registration

No more walking in and out of various offices and worry about complicated procedures. eSmart will handle them all for you.

Get a business license right away only in 3 to 5 work days

You have a good business idea, want to register business, set up company to integrate into the dynamic and attractive market! eSmart will advise you:

  • Conditions and procedures for business registration.
  • Select the type of business suitable for the purpose of investment.
  • The conditions on individuals allowed to establish, contribute capital to enterprises, representatives at law of enterprises, rights and obligations of owners of enterprises.
  • Name the business in accordance with the law.
  • The level of investment capital suited to each industry, type of enterprises as well as tax policy related to the charter capital of the enterprises.
  • The ratio and method of capital contribution, the plan for profit distribution and the settlement of arising obligations.
  • The selection of conditional industry include conditions on practice certificates, practice licenses, business eligibility certificates, legal capital requirements as well as other specific conditions for with each industry.
  • Model and organizational structure of the enterprises.
  • The establishment and change of operation registration for branches, representative offices and business locations of enterprises.

Support you to perform the necessary activities to register business at the same time:

  • Help you submit, check the status of business registration documents in Business Registration Office.
  • On behalf of you receive business registration results.
  • Carrying out procedures for registration of corporate seal of the enterprises.
  • guide for getting company seal và Registration Certificate of the Seal at the police office.
  • Conducting administrative procedures after the business registration.
  • Conducting the procedure of initial tax declarations.
  • Conducting tax reporting procedures first month.

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