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Accounting Service

Opportunity to work with the chief accountant in tax finalization to minimize the amount of tax payable during the operation.

Accounting Services help you simplify your business

Save money to invest in opportunities: If you start a business and need to save, minimize the cost, you have to spend at least 4-5 million per month to pay for an official accountant, not to mention the cost trainning them to work in your new organizational environment, which may be a waste of time in the startup phase. Let us save that financial part, so you can use it to invest in better opportunities.

Save time on non-professional tasks: If you want to manage a team of employees, you need to have a minimum knowledge of their expertise, so that you can test.In the start-up phase, finance-related work is always the most important thing to do, but it will also be a tradeoff for the time you need for your business, for startups that are still in trouble. So why not delegate them to the professional?

Bring professionalism to your organization:You will own a team of 10 years of experience in the field of accounting - tax, have done business for hundreds of companies and of course, your arising problems will be handled by an experienced professional process system, which you can hardly build in the early stage of business. We will represent you to execute for all of specialization operations and work with the relevant state agencies.

  • Handle and solve all matters related to accounting, tax, social insurance, health insurance. To help businesses completely rest assured in their business activities, the team of chief accountant and accounting specialist of eSmart will on behalf enterprises:
  • Properly minimize the tax payment for enterprises according to current tax law.
  • Examine the documents and other eligible expenses with the tax office after 3 years or 5 years.

The work that eSmart will perform

Job objectives: Accompany with Enterprises and consult to declare and use reasonable expenses to minimize the amount of tax payable. On behalf of the enterprises shall work with the functional agency in managing and explaining data.

Specialization consulting:

  • Classification, collection of accounting vouchers, invoices strictly according to regulations.
  • How to use invoices, manage invoices, use Token, digital signature security...
  • Report on the situation of enterprises when arising, which need to be dealt with with accounting data.

Quarterly tax report:

  • Declaring and submitting reports on the use of quarterly invoices.
  • Declaring and submitting quarterly VAT report.
  • Personal income tax report (if any).

Accounting documents management:

  • On behalf of the enterprises working with the tax office.
  • On behalf of the enterprises accounting accrelevant data (if any).
  • Examine finalization after 3-5 years (at reasonable cost)
  • On behalf of the enterprises, settle the books and other eligible expenses with the tax office after 3 or 5 years.

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