Working Place

Opportunity to own a separate seating in a luxury office, including the director room for you to welcome partners.

You will have the best working seat, at the most affordable cost.

Why choose to work at eSmart office?

You will have a geographic location that is conducive to your business: your credibility and professionalism will be enhanced when you own a business address, a place of business where you receive customers, a key partner in the center of the city, in luxury, modern and professional buildings, along with dozens of major brands alongside your nameplate.

You will own professional investment facilities at an extremely low cost: large building, modern equipment, luxurious guest lounge, fully equipped office, modern work desk, all of the utilities of an office will cost billions of dollars to invest but now you just pay for the price for a seat. Make smart money saver to invest in your potential opportunities!

You will own the 7-year relationship we have built: the Tax Agencies, the Planning and Investment Department, the Social Security Offices, the law offices, and other extensive networks... all ready available to meet your needs, handle problems arise. Which other business owners find difficult in the start-up phase of a business, your problem will be solved right at the smart desk.

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