Business Registration Service

There is no need to travel or worry about complicated and cumbersome procedures. eSmart will handle all that for you

Having a business registration license within 3 to 5 working days

You have a good idea, you want to register for a business and establish the company to compete in a dynamic and attractive market. Esmart will advise you:

  • Business registration conditions and procedures.
  • Choose the type of business suitable for investment.
  • In regards to the individual conditions for setting up and adding capital to an enterprise, the rights and obligations of the business owner, as well as his or her rights and responsibilities.
  • Naming enterprises to suit the law.
  • In regards to the investment capital suitable for each business, the type of enterprises and the tax policy related to the enterprises’ charter.
  • The ratio and method of capital contributions, the plan to divide profits, and how the company will handle arising obligations.
  • Selecting conditional business lines included conditions on practice certificates, practice licenses, certificates of eligibility for business conditions, conditions of legal capital as well as other specific conditions for each industry.
  • Model and organizational structure of the business.
  • The establishment and change of operation registration for all types of branches, representative offices and business locations of the business.

At the same time, we support you to register:

  • Provide assistance in submitting, checking the status of business registration documents at the Business Registration Office.
  • On behalf of the registration of your business results.
  • Carry out procedures for registering legal entities’ seals for businesses.
  • Instructing you to receive seals and certificates of registration of seal samples at the police.
  • Conduct administrative procedures after business registration.
  • Conducting the initial tax declaration procedure.
  • Conducting the first month tax reporting procedure.

Why should your business choose eSmart offices?


The records only take 3-5 days when Esmart is done.


We understand the difficulties and troubles when we do not grasp the information and have to make notes or rewind back and forth. From there advice helps you get the most useful information.


Over 1,000 records have been successfully registered by ESMART. We have professional thanks to a variety of experiences.

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