1. Nguyên tắc khiếu nại chung:

Customers using eSmart's provided services are ensured legal rights according to the agreements in the contract and regulations of the law.

All customer inquiries and complaints regarding service quality are promptly received and resolved in a spirit of attentiveness and goodwill. The maximum resolution period is within 10 days.

The reception and resolution of customer complaints are recorded and responded to in writing or by other means if applicable. Adherence to the current legal regulations is strictly followed.

2. Order and procedures for resolution:

Step 1: Receive feedback and complaints

When having questions or complaints about service quality, customers can contact eSmart through the following forms:

Directly meet the Customer Care Department at the company office or contact the Customer Care Department via:

  • Phone number: 0949 502 444
  • Email: dichvukhachhang@esmart.vn

Submit your request/complaint by post: 3rd Floor, An Phu Plaza Building, 117 - 119 Ly Chinh Thang, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

If the customer contacts us directly, eSmart will prepare an "Information Receiving Minute" to record the content of the incident, feedback and requests from the customer.

Step 2: Solve

Individuals and departments under the authority of eSmart regulations conduct inspection and verification of customer complaints to provide final results.

Step 3: Respond to customers

When there are inspection and verification results, Smart Business Support Joint Stock Company will respond to customers in many ways: calling, coming to meet in person, sending a written response, sending an email... depending on the form. initial complaint form.

In case the customer does not agree with the resolution result: within the next 7 days, the functional department is responsible for re-checking the complaint information from the beginning and responding to the customer.

Step 4: End the complaint

After the functional department has completed resolving the complaint, the Customer Care Department will contact and survey customer satisfaction regarding that information.

File the information and close the complaint.