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50 Bach Dang, Hai Chau 1 Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

Văn Phòng Chia Sẻ Đà Nẵng - Bạch Đằng Complex

Da Nang Shared Office Located in a prime location in a livable city - Building Bạch Đằng Complex. This location is to take advantage of the strategic role of this building in the direction of comprehensive commercial and service development throughout the city. Like Bitexco, Landmark 81 of Ho Chi Minh City or Kengnam of Hanoi Bạch Đằng Complex holds the position of one of the buildings representing the image of Da Nang city reaching out to the ocean.  

Shared Office Da Nang - Bach Dang Complex Therefore, we own the premises at the "Peak of the Peak" position. Owning a position in our co-working space at 50 Bach Dang, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City, you will almost have everything you need most in a "Da Nang nucleus". This location is adjacent to 3 major road frontages connecting to major routes such as Le Duan, Tran Phu, Nguyen Van Linh... making it easier to move to important areas. Here you can also fully admire the most beautiful views of the city such as the romantic Han River, Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Sun Wheel...

Bach Dang Complex shared office in Da Nang With the advantage of being located on Da Nang's major road, making transportation to neighboring districts simpler.

Location and advantages of Bach Dang Complex building

Overview of Bach Dang Complex Da Nang building:

Bach Dang Complex Da Nang managed and operated by Hilton Wordwide, USA. Located on Bach Dang street along the Han River, possessing the most strategic location in the center of Da Nang city with strong development ability, ideal and bustling trading point.

The building has 29 floors, including 223 hotel rooms along with office areas and a commercial center. Near the river brings cool, fresh air. In addition, according to feng shui, location near the river also brings fortune, wealth and luck.

Distance from the building to main locations of Da Nang city:

  • Far from Da Nang administrative center: 500 m
  • Distance from Dragon Bridge: 1 km
  • Distance from Han River Bridge: 100 m
  • From Da Nang airport: More than 4 km

Currently, the building has a number of major partners such as 5-star hotels Hilton, Vinagame Group, Starbuck, F&S Investment, Kotra... the building operates according to Grade A standards, all personnel entering and exiting are guaranteed security. maximum with very professional and courteous departments.

Shared office in Da Nang - Bach Dang Complex

Shared Office Da Nang - Bach Dang Complex belongs to the Shared Office system eSmart with office rental services, desks, meeting rooms, ... is the leading unit in this service in the megalopolis of Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. eSmart Da Nang also provides business support services such as business registration and consulting tax accounting , service brand identity design …..with employees with many years of experience helping businesses feel secure in developing their business.

You will have a favorable geographical location for your business.: Your reputation and professionalism will be enhanced when you own a business address, a workplace - where you receive important customers and partners right in the city center. Bạch Đằng Complex. Locating headquarters here helps the Enterprise's image to be luxurious, commensurate with major partners...

Da Nang Shared Office - Bach Dang Complex right in the heart of Hai Chau district, Da Nang Being the intersection of main roads into and out of the city such as Tran Phu street, Nguyen Van Linh street, Le Duan street, your business will create favorable conditions for customers and partners from near and far to visit. as well as work.

You will own professionally invested facilities but you don't need to spend a penny: Large building, modern equipment, luxurious reception hall, fully equipped office, modern desk,... All the amenities of an office will cost billions of dong to invest but now Now you only need to pay the price for 1 seat. Make smart financial savings to invest in your potential opportunities!

Utilities around Bach Dang Complex Da Nang building:

When choosing Da Nang shared office, domestic and foreign businesses have the opportunity to receive many attractive utilities and services as follows:

– Modern elevator system is designed on all floors in the building with fast transportation speed.

– Camera system strictly monitors security throughout the entire public area.

– Air conditioning and central air conditioning systems with high operating capacity run continuously during business hours.

– Professional fire alarm and prevention system meets the required standards of a high-rise building.

– Garbage collection and office space cleaning services are performed every day.

– Banking system: Seabank 40m, Vietcombank 260m, Phuong Dong 120m, BIDV 55m, Sacombank, OCB transaction headquarters

– Cafe restaurant system: Starbucks, Highland…

Many of the above utilities have created an ecosystem that meets all the needs of office workers. This place will be the dream location of large corporations and companies when entering the Da Nang city market.

Bach Dang Complex shared office in Da Nang is the most beautiful and modern office in the eSmart office system, strategically located at 50 Bach Dang, Hai Chau 1 Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City. With a series of the latest amenities equipped to serve your business, such as a beautiful and luxurious address to easily build your business brand and the highest level of office amenities that you can hardly find. somewhere else in Da Nang.

All details about Shared Office Da Nang - Bach Dang Complex Please contact us eSmart via phone number 0936 360 888 for advice.

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