Frequently Asked Questions About eSmart

eSmart was launched in March 2010. Up to now, eSmart has more than 13 years of experience in the field of shared office services and business support services in the start-up stage.

eSmart provides shared office services, business address rental. In addition, eSmart also has business support services such as: Business registration, Accounting – Tax, Brand Identity Design.

Legal documents are always handled accurately and quickly because eSmart has a team of experienced in the industry and relationships with relevant legal agencies. Besides, as an eSmart partner, you will have the opportunity to join the eConnect Trade Promotion Community, which opens up many business opportunities and learns experiences for your business.

eSmart has been operating for over 12 years and serves more than 5000 businesses. With the spirit of wholeheartedly serving customers, always putting responsibility and prestige first, up to now, eSmart is proud to be a leading provider of support services in Vietnam. 

Not only is eSmart an Office Leasing Service Provider, but it also accompanies start-up stage businesses such as supporting Legal, Tax, Business Registration services,… Besides, we also have a team of staff and receptionists on your behalf to welcome customers and partners.

Contact -> Free consultation & Office tour (For office leasing service) -> Quotation -> Sign contract -> Handing over documents to legal authorities (for Business Registration service), Exchanging ideas & implementing Design (for Logo and Brand Identity services) -> Product handover -> Payment.