Startup ecosystem

eSmart not only provides shared office services but is also a startup support partner. Through utilities and services, eSmart supports businesses' business operations more smoothly. In particular, there are eConnect community connection activities, events and organizations that help businesses easily access trade opportunities and expand their business networks. 

Shared office

Shared Office is a form of operating a business remotely through the use of one address as a business office representative. Using a Shared Office brings you breakthrough benefits in business.

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Sharing Office Service

Tax agent - Smarttax

Smarttax was born with the mission of helping businesses have a professional, dedicated Accounting department at reasonable costs to overcome difficulties in the start-up phase.

Smarttax provides services: Full accounting, tax declaration, business registration, declaration of social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance... At the same time, on behalf of businesses, explain and work with competent authorities.

Smartbrand - Brand design

Smartbrand provides brand identity design services for businesses including: core brand identity, office brand identity, marketing brand identity for businesses...

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Kết Nối Cộng Đồng Khởi Nghiệp Econnect

eConnect Community

eConnect Community is a special project of eSmart to create a unified group of businesses and startups, with the goal of sharing experiences, lessons, and business knowledge together from the start-up process to success. , thereby creating relationships and expanding cooperation between businesses.

eSmart Summer Camp

Every year, eSmart will organize a special event called eSmart Summer Camp, to create opportunities for its associates to better understand each other and create stronger bonds. This activity is not only an opportunity to relax and connect, but also an opportunity to promote solidarity and team spirit. With interesting and meaningful activities, eSmart Summer Camp is not only a fun event but also full of the spirit of building community and creating a more positive working environment in the company.

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"I am very impressed with eSmart, because not only does it stop at shared offices, eSmart also has diverse services and a strong community connection system. This is an extremely valuable ecosystem for businesses. businesses. Thanks to this ecosystem, my company has had the opportunity to develop much more."
Anh Dinh Chi Trung
Mr. Dinh Chi Trung
Hai Au See Food Company