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Startup Support Solutions

eSmart’s services, utilities, and ecosystem were created for no other purpose than to help businesses overcome difficulties at the beginning, and become more and more successful on their business path.

A Chỉ Kd

business address

Perfect business address in the Ho Chi Minh city center.

Phòng Gđ

shared office

Luxurious offices with only one seat cost.

Pháp Lý

business registration

Business registration license within 3-5 working days.

A Chỉ Kd

accounting service

No more worries about reports, monthly and quarterly tax returns ...​

Thiết Kế


Create your business brand, appear with a professional image right from the start.

Kết Nối

Startup Community

Join us to have more opportunities to trade, learn and thereby help your business to be more successful.

Vision Comes With Faith, Mission Comes With Time

With eSmart help, enterprises no longer have to worry on the way business by the most practical solutions.


We strive to become and recognizable as one of the best support service for Startup and SME.


We are committed to continuously optimizing processes and enhancing our value to provide enterprises with a high degree of professionalism, but at the lowest cost of business support.

Core Values

Enthusiasm: tireless efforts, beyond throught the limits of resources to bring the most valuable value to enterprises, communities, and the country. And here,people is willing to give their time, knowledge, and experience for good ideals.

Honesty: commit to behaving honestly, ethically in every thought, activity and transaction, creating the highest level of trust and value that engages people with each others, using faith and equity to create a foothold for all successes and beyond.

Win – Win: attach importance to the value of advantageous to both sides in every thought, action, strategy …, always thinking and understanding for the values outside of the individuals, putting the common interest and spirit. Form there, we create the ultimate value for ourselves in parallel with the values that our customers, colleagues, partners and the community receive.

Thuê Chỗ Ngồi Làm Việc – Văn Phòng Đại Diện Esmart

eSmart was born with the understanding of the difficulties of starting a business, the failures that we ourselves – the founders, have tasted. With the mission of Strive Together & Shine Together, we do not promise to bring you to instant success because it is something you have to take yourself, but we are committed to working along with you to solve all difficulties. If you dare take the start – we are waiting for you, to share success.

– Mr. Ngo Van Toan, Chairman.

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